What’s the Play? – Storming again!


Hey there and welcome back to another What’s the Play?

This situation came up at our Weekly Legacy event at Dark Sphere between Claude on Storm and Francis on Miracles.

You are playing Storm vs an opponent on a Rogue deck. Luckily all the information you need is known.

Your board state looks like this

Your board. Hand on the left, Brainstorm on the stack and what you have drawn with it next to the library.

You have played a land this turn. You are on 10 Life

You played Gitaxian Probe first this turn and have seen the opponents hand. They have Force of Will and a blue card. They are tapped out. They are on 20 Life.

Next you played Brainstorm using a basic Island and drew Cabal Ritual, Infernal Tutor and Polluted Delta

Your hand also includes Gitaxian Probe, Ponder, Past in Flames, Cabal Therapy and Lion’s Eye Diamond. You have an untapped Tropical Island and Swamp. You also have a Sensei’s Divining Top on the battlefield.

The opponent is tapped out at this point and on 20 Life. However if you pass the turn they will attack for lethal.

Can you win?

  • Yes! Let me describe how..... (84%, 114 Votes)
  • Nope! Go to game two (16%, 22 Votes)

Total Voters: 136

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Good Luck! And don’t read the comments until you’ve had a think!


As usual, if you have any great situations for What’s the Play please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Tom Kellock
Tom has played Magic since Alara block. He became quickly enamoured with Legacy after being strangled by a Pox and 43 Lands deck in 2011 while piloting Affinity. This experience also started a love of Prison strategies in a manner typical of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers. He now only really plays Legacy, with Top8’s in Europe at BoM and here in the UK.
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12 thoughts on “What’s the Play? – Storming again!

  1. Storm count won’t matter, but starting with 2 mana left you have to open on cabal ritual? If that doesn’t get forced you can therapy tutor+led for another cabal ritual and then flashback PIF? That seems too simple to be a puzzle?

    1. I think relying on your opponent to not use their Force of Will is the wrong play. They know you have played a land and will kill you next turn. They will FOW your first Ritual. Also in your plan you do not have threshold when the first ritual is cast, so your line, even if they do not Force, does not work.

      1. Just a technicality but when you cast the first rit you will have thresh. That Brainstorm is on its way to the bin to make the 7th card.

  2. Resolve Brainstorm, putting Cabal Ritual back as the top card and Infernal Tutor second from the top. (Storm 1)
    Tap Swamp to cast Cabal Therapy naming Force of Will (Storm 2)
    Cast Lion’s Eye Diamond. (Storm 3)
    Cast Gitaxian Probe paying life, moving to 8 life, holding priority. Crack LED in response for black mana. (Storm 4, 3 black floating)
    Tap Tropical Island to cast Cabal Ritual. (Storm 5, 7 black mana)
    Tap Top to draw Infernal Tutor. (Storm 5, 7 black mana)
    Cast Infernal Tutor searching for Lion’s Eye Diamond (Storm 6, 5 black mana)
    Cast Lion’s Eye Diamond, crack for red mana. (Storm 7, 5 black mana, 3 red mana)
    Flashback Past in Flames. (Storm 8, 3 black mana)
    Flashback Cabal Ritual. (Storm 9, 6 black mana)
    Flashback Infernal Tutor searching for Tendrils of Agony (Storm 10, 4 black mana)
    Cast Tendrils of Agony to kill the opponent.

  3. Put cabal ritual on top of infernal.

    Cast therapy name fow.

    Gutaxian crack led on black.
    Cast cabal ritual.
    Tap top draw infernal
    With infernal get led.
    Flashbakc pif


  4. 1) Put back the Ritual and Tutor with Brainstorm

    2) Tap the swamp, use therapy, naming force (Storm count 3)

    3) Play Lion’s Eye Diamond, then play git probe, cracking the lion’s eye for 3 Black in response (Storm Count 5, 3 Black Floating)

    4) Draw the Ritual off of the cantrip, and top swap to get the tutor. Cast the ritual (6 black floating) and then cast the tutor to get a second lion’s eye diamond (Storm count 7, 4 black floating)

    5) Play and crack the diamond for 3 red (Storm 8, 3 red and 4 black), and use it to cast past in flames (2 black floating, Storm count 9).

    6) Flashback the ritual for 5 more black and flashback probes (5 black floating, storm 12)

    7) If you haven’t drawn tendrils yet, use 2 black to tutor for it, using the tropical island to cast it. Storm 14.

  5. You can win but it’s extremely unlikely. You put back polluted delta and anything else, then tap top for whatever else you put back on top. Follow up with a ponder tapping the tropical island. If this gets countered it’s gg, but you could have a dark ritual in hand so it isn’t 100% the correct card to counter in the opponents eyes.

    If ponder resolved when you look at the top three you’ll see polluted delta, top and one unknown. It doesn’t matter what the unknown is in this situation, it can’t win you the game. You shuffle and draw. If you drew g-probe, lotus petal or dark ritual you may be in luck, otherwise you scoop here. Continue by playing any g-probes in hand until either:

    A, you don’t draw a lotus Petal, if this happens it’s gg and you scoop.

    B, they counter a g-probe, if this happens play g-probes until you have either a lotus petal or dark ritual in hand. If you hit neither of these then you scoop, if you do then storm out and win.

    C, you do draw a lotus petal, you then need to play g probes until you find either a dark ritual or lotus petal to go with it. If you find nothing to go with it it’s gg, you scoop. If you do find something to go with it then tap the swamp for cabal therapy on force of will. After this play the lotus petal and either crack it for the dark ritual or play the second and crack both for the cabal ritual and storm off.

    It’s extremely unlikely as I said at the start, but as long as it’s possible never tell me the odds.

    1. I just realized after posting this that you play therapy naming force when you start the line rather than at the end of it. This still requires the same unlikely sequence with playing ponder and shuffling but it measy that you can’t loose to have the ponder countered increasing your chance of winning by taking a variable out of the equation.

  6. Leave cabal ritual on top of your library, followed by infernal. Storm count 2 (previous probe, brainstorm). Tap swamp, cast therapy naming force. Storm 3. Cast L.E.D, storm 4, then cast gitaxian probe (paying 2 life), cracking L.E.D in response for 3 black, discarding your hand. Probe resolves, drawing ritual, storm 5. Cast ritual with threshold, storm 6, 6 black floating. Draw infernal tutor using top, cast it searching for L.E.D., storm 7, 4 black floating. Cast L.E.D, storm 8, crack it for 3 red mana. Flashback past in flames (4r) using 3 red, 2 black, storm count 9. With 2 black floating, flashback ritual with threshold, storm 10, 5 black floating. Flashback infernal tutor targeting tendrils, storm 11, 3 black floating. Tap tropical island for (u) or (g), cast tendrils with 11 storm draining 24. GGWP, go to sideboardz 🙂

  7. So I think I found the line.
    Put the ritual and infernal back on top from brainstorm.
    3. Use swamp to therapy the force
    4. Play LED
    5. Got probe hold priority crack LED for Black 3B floating and draw with top (8 life)
    6. Cabal Rit 6B floating
    7. Tutor for LED 4B floating
    8. Play LED crack for red 4B 3R floating
    9. FB PiF 2B floating
    10. Cabal Rit 5B floating
    11. Tutor for Tendrils using trop for blue 4B floating
    12. Either tendrils or git probe for more storm count
    13. Profit
    This line was really fun to figure out.
    (I’m a fairly new storm player, wish me luck in the future!)

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