For the past few months I’ve been playing a mix of Team America and Miracles in anticipation for GP Prague with promising results. But there’s a certain joy in winning with an off-the-wall strategy that Delver of Secrets and Jace, the Mind Sculptor will never achieve. When you’re content to execute your stupid combo a single time yet forfeit the match, that’s where the real fun in Legacy is for me.

As soon as this card was spoiled I knew it had to be given a spin. The flavour is outstanding and paired with its partner in crime they make the perfect colour combination to pull it off.

Enter Demonic Pact.


I’ve always considered myself a generous person, and have a love for loud Satanic music. Why not combine these elements and give my opponents a pact with the Devil?


The major problem with the combo is it’s slow. Incredibly slow. You need to land the Demonic Pact in the first place, a four mana do-nothing. Then stay alive for a further three turns before resolving Donate! Fortunately the Pact itself helps with the latter part of the plan nicely.

My initial thoughts led to three different routes to take,

1)      Straight UB control with discard, countermagic and a solid manabase.

2)      An Esper miracles shell with Terminus, Swords to Plowshares and friends.

3)      A Nic Fit shell. I may be a tad biased towards this archetype, but getting to four mana to cast the pact was my biggest concern. This would let the deck ramp as well as have great discard with Veteran Explorer and Cabal Therapy.

I ended up choosing a combination of the first two options, incorporating Sensei’s Divining Top and Counterbalance into a UBg control build.

Main 4 Thoughtseize
10 Fetchlands 4 Force of Will
2 Wasteland 2 Toxic Deluge
2 Swamp 4 Counterbalance
3 Underground Sea 4 Demonic Pact
1 Tropical Island
1 Bayou Side
2 Island 2 Night of Souls Betrayal
4 Sensei’s Divining Top 2 Misdirection
4 Brainstrom 4 Doomsday
4 Ponder 2 Surgical Extraction
3 Abrupt Decay 2 Flusterstorm
1 Counterspell 1 Toxic Deluge
2 Stifle 1 Shelldock Isle
3 Donate 1 Emrakul


Given that the deck required zero utility lands, the green splash for Abrupt Decay was close to free and an efficient answer to opposing Counterbalances. There was also space to include a couple of Wastelands as the deck was very cold to Dark Depths and Rishadan Port.

The rest of the deck built itself, curving nicely for Counterbalance without any problems. Stifles are for when Donate gets countered, or I struggle to find one.

The Doomsday package in the sideboard isn’t needed, but it’s sweet, right? We’re trying to pull off something stupid, why not add another angle?

With all that said and done I sleeved the deck up and got ready to go 0-4 at our Tuesday night weekly Legacy tournament.

Round 1 vs Miguel on Grixis Delver

Miguel has been playing Grixis Delver for a few months now so I knew this was going to be a tough one! Game one he’s on the play and kills me with a Deathrite Shaman, Young Pyromancer and a flurry of Lightning Bolts before I can do anything. Ouch.

  • +1 Toxic Deluge
  • +2 Flusterstorm
  • +2 Night of Souls Betrayal
  • -1 Counterspell
  • -2 Thoughtseize
  • -1 Donate
  • -1 Demonic Pact

Game two is a little closer. I manage to land a Night of Souls betrayal, but he finds a Gurmag Angler and a pair of Deathrites who start to make short work of my life total. A desperate Toxic Deluge got Flusterstormed and I don’t have my own to counter back.

Round 2 vs Huw on Doomsday.

Game one we both durdle around for a while casting cantrips until he finally casts a Gitaxian Probe, revealing a Demonic Pact and a Donate, the jig is up! I don’t manage to find any disruption past an early Thoughtseize and slam the Demonic Pact. He chuckles then kills me.

  • +2 Misdirection
  • +2 Surgical Extraction
  • +2 Flusterstorm
  • -2 Toxic Deluge
  • -3 Abrupt Decay
  • -1 Demonic Pact

I Thoughtseize turn one with a Surgical Extraction in hand and see an Entreat the Angels, not something I was expecting! His hand is Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Dark Ritual, Lotus Petal, Burning Wish, Lion’s Eye Diamond and the Entreat. I take LED and extract it knowing it’s almost impossible to Doomsday without them, though I still have an unknown number of Entreats to deal with. He finds a Sensei’s Divning Top and we pass back and forth for a while. I land a couple of naked Counterbalances and start to get the game under control. He almost snatches the game with an end of turn Dark Ritual into Entreat, but I have a Stifle to stop the Miracle trigger. I finally find a Demonic Pact and after a couple more turns give him a gift. I know, I’m too kind. Props to him for not conceding before I get to do it!

Game three is a slightly less interesting affair. I have a hand with multiple Wastelands and a Stifle, manage to manascrew him and eventually Extract all his win conditions. Turns out I was dead on turn two if I didn’t Wasteland as he has Wish, LED, LED, Probe, Ritual and Petal in hand!

Round 3 vs Tom on Death and Taxes

Game one. I get a Top going but can’t find any removal or shuffle effects and get poked to death by a motley crue of annoying creatures.

  • +1 Toxic Deluge
  • +1 Flusterstorm
  • +2 Night of Souls Betrayal
  • -4 Counterbalance

Game two I manage to wipe the the board with a Toxic Deluge and land a Demonic Pact. I then brick on finding any action or Donate/Stifle until the very last turn where I draw three cards. Force of Will, Misty Rainforest…Ponder! There is hope! Ponder finds Sensei’s Divining Top, Donate and another land. Here Tom, have a gift! A close shave, but losing to the pact itself would have been pretty hilarious too.

Game three. He has no play on Turn one, I have a Top. He plays Thalia which I Force, pitching a redundant Donate. He then has a follow up Thalia and a Vryn Wingmare to go with two Wastelands and a Rishadan Port and I don’t get a window to resolve either the Abrupt Decay or Night of Souls Betrayal in my hand before dying. Bah!

Round 4 is unfortunately a little less exciting. My opponent has a white weenie deck from the Scars of Mirrodin Era and although Mirran Crusader causes some problems, Toxic Deluge does its work and I give him a couple of gifts.

In hindsight an Esper build with Swords to PlowShares and especially Terminus may have been better. Abrupt Decay was sub-par and the matches I lost were to fast and efficient creatures. However, I was able to pull off the combo a total of four times, more than I expected. All in all it was great fun, we may see some Demonic Nic Fit in the near future! In-deed!


Callum Smith
Callum started playing in Tempest block with a break after Kamigawa (like so many others…) After returning to Magic around Innistrad he quickly moved into Legacy and enjoys the more ‘unique’ decks, such as Nic Fit and Tin Fins. Unfortunately for his opponents he has started playing fair blue decks recently whereupon he recorded his best result making the Top 8 of Eternal Weekend 2017.
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