Winds of Change, Fork, take 14?

Eight of us got together at a lovely pub on the 2nd of April to play Old School. Thanks to Richard Stebbing who organised the event and the prizepool. We played three relaxed rounds with the top four getting a prize. After three and half hours of eating, trading and flipping Chaos Orbs the dust had settled and we had our results. Sorry for the terrible glare on the photos and loads of thanks to those that lent cards out.

1st Ben Twitchen – Four Colour Millstone


2nd Richard Stebbing – The Deck


3rd/4th Scott Latham – Mono Black


3rd/4th Simone Freschi – Red Green Beserk


Mox Emerald and Strip mine under glare

5th/6th Callum Smith – Blue Red Counter Burn


Beautiful basics under that bit of glare …

5th/6th – Tom Kellock – Black Red Underworld Dreams Control



7th – Markus Lundqvist – Mono White


8th – Steve Rich – RUG Beserk Combo


Giant Growths obscured this time, seriously who took these pictures ?

The next Old School event in the UK will be happening at the Magic Madhouse Pro Series Event in Birmingham, I hope some of you can make it !

The UK list of legal sets is as follows

Summer Magic
FBB and FWB Revised (Italian, French, German)
Arabian Nights
Legends (and Italian Legends)
The Dark (and Italian The Dark)

Card reprints (City of Brass for example) in sets not on this list (like 4th Edition etc) ARE NOT LEGAL. This includes basic lands.

We will be using the Swedish Banned and Restricted List

Some awesome Old School prizes

Gameplay Action

Tom Kellock

Tom Kellock
Tom has played Magic since Alara block. He became quickly enamoured with Legacy after being strangled by a Pox and 43 Lands deck in 2011 while piloting Affinity. This experience also started a love of Prison strategies in a manner typical of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers. He now only really plays Legacy, with Top8’s in Europe at BoM and here in the UK.
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