It’s time for another roundup of EU Legacy tournaments!

GP Prague was a great success with one of the best games of Magic ever on camera in the finals. We also had BoM Strasbourg where your’s truly played terribly on camera to go from 5-0 to 5-3 losing a win and in for Top8, Top 16 and Top 32 consecutively, and finally MKM Madrid where a couple of non standard decks made Top 8.

I also hope some of these stats this will help you when thinking about the meta for BoM Paris and MKM London.

First up was GP Prague. Wizards no longer give us the Day Two Metagame after the move to 6-3 making the second day much larger, but we have both the Top 64 lists and the breakdown of the decks placed in the Top 100 after Day One. With this data we can see what decks managed to convert a good Day One performance into a finish in the money.

Top 100 Day One

Delver – 18 (Bug Delver – 6) Storm – 4 (UR Delver – 2)
Eldrazi – 18 Sneak/Omni Show – 6 (RUG Delver – 3) Grixis Control – 2
Miracles – 12 Aggro Loam – 5 Infect – 3 Jund – 2
Shardless – 12 Lands – 5 Elves – 3 Other – 7
(Grixis Delver – 7) Death and Taxes – 4 Merfolk – 2

Top 64 Finish

Delver – 20 Sneak/Omni Show – 5 (RUG Delver – 2) Imperial Painter – 1
Miracles – 9 (Grixis Delver – 5) (4C Delver – 2) Reanimator – 1
Eldrazi – 9 (UR Delver – 4) Infect -2 Tinfins – 1
(Bug Delver – 7) Storm – 3 Elves – 2 Aggro Loam – 1
Shardless – 6 Death and Taxes – 2 Imperial Taxes – 1 UWR Stoneblade – 1

% change in share of the Winning Meta – Day One to Day Two

Deck Day One 100 share Top 64 share
Delver 18% 31% + 74%
Eldrazi 18% 14% – 22%
Miracles 12% 14% + 17%
Shardless 12% 9% – 22%
Sneak/Omni Show 6% 8% +30%
Aggro Loam 5% 2% – 69%
Lands 5% 0% – 100%
Death and Taxes (inc Imperial) 4% 5% + 17%
Storm 4% 5% + 17%

There is little that stands out from these numbers. Delver decks put up a good Day one and dominant day two performance as one might expect. Eldrazi lost some of its share of the top end meta and didn’t manage to turn good numbers on day one into a Top8 place as people have got used to the deck. Miracles slightly increased its share of the winning meta as you would expect. This increase is because fringe decks that did well on Day one fall by the wayside as the tournament progresses. Sneak/Omni Show also put on a good show which slightly surprised me. Being able to main deck Bloodmoon is certainly a nice touch if you expect lots of Eldrazi and Shardless. The deck can also have some very quick wins.

The major losers were the Life from the Loam based decks. Both Lands and Aggro Loam lost a large part or all of their meta share. Perhaps at the higher levels towards the end of Day Two people have more experience against these decks and have prepared a game plan.

Of the Delver decks BUG was the best performing but it had no pilots in the Top8. Grixis and RUG Delver however, had two and one respectively.

Prague Top8

Sneak and Show Death and Taxes Shardless Miracles
Grixis Delver RUG Delver Storm Grixis Delver


Bazaar of Moxen Strasbourg 1st-3rd July – 167 players


Over the first weekend of July we had BoM Strasbourg. As usual it was a well run event and while my run in the tournament was heart breaking a friend of mine made the Top8 and Anton Karlinski continued his dominance of the BoM events. The Top8 was

Eldrazi Eldrazi Miracles Shardless
Elves UR Delver Oracle Opposition Miracles

The interesting deck here is the Oracle Opposition deck run by Pierre Canali. You can find more about the deck here on the Library at Pendrelvale and the continuing evolution of it here on The Source

The decks basic plan is to leverage small creatures that either cantrip or speed out an early Opposition. This combined with a toolbox from Green Sun’s Zenith and Garruk Wildspeaker’s overrun ability mean games can get really grindy with a sudden win.

Eldrazi and Miracles both did well in this 8 round event and as we shall see from the Meta Breakdown a lot of people played UR Delver so it is no supprise that it put someone in the Top8.

Decks Fielded at Strasbourg


Things have changed from Annecy quite a lot. Eldrazi has gone from most represented archetype to sixth. Shardless has doubled its share of the meta as has Miracles and Lands. Combining the UR and Grixis parts gives us a similar amount of Delver to most big tournaments just that people chose UR at this event over BUG. The Death and Taxes players have also returned to the BoM Meta.

BoM Strasbourg No. of Players % of Meta
Shardless 21 12.6%
Miracles 18 10.8%
Lands 13 7.8%
Grixis 11 6.6%
D & T 11 6.6%
Eldrazi 9 5.4%
Infect 9 5.4%
UR Delver 8 4.8%
Sneak and Show 7 4.2%
Storm 6 3.6%
Other 54 32.3%
Total 167 100.0%

The Percentage numbers given by BoM did not allow for whole numbers of players so I have rectified this as best I can above.

Magic Card Market Series Madrid 10th July – 151 Players


Rather than follow a Bom vs MKM meta these tournaments are far more influenced by the local players turning up to the events. We can see that at MKM Madrid which had Storm as the third biggest represented part of the meta after Delver and Miracles. This could be due to Rodrigo Togores’ influence after he won GP Prague. One storm player made the Top8.

Bant Eldrazi RUG Delver Grixis Delver
ANT Miracles Shardless The Rock

Its nice to see Bant and The Rock doing well here.

Decks fielded in Madrid


Decks Fielded at Madrid No. of Players % of Meta
Delver 25 16.6%
Miracles 14 9.3%
Storm 12 7.9%
Shardless 12 7.9%
Lands 9 6.0%
Sneak and Show 8 5.3%
Death and Taxes 7 4.6%
Eldrazi 7 4.6%
Stoneblade 7 4.6%
Burn 6 4.0%
Infect 5 3.3%
Other 39 25.8%
Total 151 100.0%

Without BoM giving us more details on the Delver decks fielded we can’t directly compare these results but they look largely similar. Eldrazi has significantly decreased as part of the meta and Lands is now above 5% of the meta in these two events and the Prague one. It doesn’t however seem to get any Top8s. Sneak and Show is back again with a high enough share of the meta to get a mention. The differences seem to be largely geographical with a large number of Spanish Storm players and the border between France and Germany attracting lots of Shardless players.

EU Top8

Now we will look at all the EU tournaments of the year so far with more than 100 players. This is likely to indicate the decks you should face in the later rounds. But as always there are no guarantees as we saw with the Bant and Rock decks from Madrid.


  • MKM Milan 6/2 108 players
  • TOP Milan 13/2 110 players
  • BOM Madrid 29/2 136 players
  • VII Arcanis Deluxe 23/4 200+ players
  • Ovino Spring 24/4 187 players
  • BOM Annecy 7/5 302 players
  • MKM Frankfurt 15/5 409 players
  • Bologna 15/5 127 players
  • GP Prague 12/6 1480 players
  • BoM Strasbourg 2/7 167 players
  • MKM Madrid 10/7 151 players
  • Impact Returns 23/7 109 players
  • Bologna 4Seasons 28/8 119 players

In this chart we can see the jump of Eldrazi Top8s to put it as the fifth best performing archetype. Death and taxes has also made a bit of a comeback over the last three months. Miracles, Shardless, Storm and Delver continue to put up the best showings tournament after tournament.

This weekend

The advice for this weekend is pretty obvious. The top decks are still up there and commanding a large portion of the metagame. You will need to beat Delver, Miracles and Shardless. From then on predicting the meta becomes much harder due to regional differences and the classic axiom that in Legacy you can sit down opposite nearly anything.

I would suggest with the printing of new toys in Conspiracy 2, that Death and Taxes will make up a large portion of this weekends meta as people try out the new Recruiter of the Guard and Sanctum Prelate. This may lead people to move away from playing decks like Sneak and Show that have a poor matchup. Tempering this however is the fact that SCG Classic Richmond did not have any Death and Taxes players in its Top16 and this has been the only tournament since the new printings. Although this absence may be down to card availability rather than any weakness in the new cards.

MKM London will be the first time this year the UK has had a tournament over 100 players (I hope) so predicting its meta will be even harder. It will be interesting to see if it is influenced more by the US or Europe and how many people travel over from the continent. The only slightly relevant data we have for this year on the UK is my write up of the Axion Now tournament that happened April 23rd with 64 players. The top four decks were Delver, Miracles, Lands and Death and Taxes. The only thing I would apply from that analysis to the MKM London meta was the very wide range of decks played. There were 32 different decks among 64 players so be prepared for anything! 

I am going to both Bazaar of Moxen Paris and Magic Card Market London, if the trains run smoothly, so please say hi if you are going to be there. I hope some of this article helps you out when choosing what deck to play. I would also love you to comment if you agree with my analysis or tell me what you think I have missed so these can be more useful in the future.

Tom Kellock


Tom Kellock
Tom has played Magic since Alara block. He became quickly enamoured with Legacy after being strangled by a Pox and 43 Lands deck in 2011 while piloting Affinity. This experience also started a love of Prison strategies in a manner typical of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers. He now only really plays Legacy, with Top8’s in Europe at BoM and here in the UK.
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