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This article is about the pieces of Magic content, that over the years, have inspired us. It could be for any reason. Nostalgia, great writing, important theory or perhaps it taught us something integral about the game or ourselves. Most of these are about how to approach Magic itself, not just discussions of specific decks or […]

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Top 4 BoM Vintage Main Event

On Sunday, 8 May 2016, 65 plucky Vintage players gathered at BoM Annecy to battle in the gentleman’s format. For myself, myriad other commitments mean that I seldom attend big European tournaments, however friends on this occasion strongly urged me to attend one of the BoM tournaments this year. With BoM returning to its spiritual home […]

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Travel Preparations

At the time of writing, the Vintage main event of Bazaar of Moxen Annecy (“BoM”) is a little over a week away. Like many fans of the Vintage format, this is an incredibly exciting, and somewhat anxious time. The recent restriction of MUD centrepiece Lodestone Golem has thrown the format and the known metagame into […]

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