Category: Tournament Prep

EU Meta Update

It’s time for another roundup of EU Legacy tournaments! GP Prague was a great success with one of the best games of Magic ever on camera in the finals. We also had BoM Strasbourg where your’s truly played terribly on camera to go from 5-0 to 5-3 losing a win and in for Top8, Top […]

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Expectations for GP Prague

Whether flipping a Delver or Topping turn two, Bolting their face or tapping their blue, Hymn to Tourach is going to make you discard, So let me give you my predictions for Prague With GP Prague just around the corner I thought it would be worthwhile to talk about the European metagame in more depth, […]

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Travel Preparations

At the time of writing, the Vintage main event of Bazaar of Moxen Annecy (“BoM”) is a little over a week away. Like many fans of the Vintage format, this is an incredibly exciting, and somewhat anxious time. The recent restriction of MUD centrepiece Lodestone Golem has thrown the format and the known metagame into […]

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