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This article is about the pieces of Magic content, that over the years, have inspired us. It could be for any reason. Nostalgia, great writing, important theory or perhaps it taught us something integral about the game or ourselves. Most of these are about how to approach Magic itself, not just discussions of specific decks or […]

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King of Drafts: Part Two

Part one can be found here Draft 2 We then adjourned for pizza and a general recap on draft one. Thoughts centered on whether Moxen and other traditional powerful cards were being overvalued. By contrast, grindy cards such as regenerating Trolls, Skeletons and Walls seemed to have over-performed. We took these thoughts into a second […]

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King of Drafts: Part One

An Old School Limited format tournament report 6 plucky Old School Magic pioneers spent one Saturday afternoon/evening drafting a cube using cards exclusively from the original Magic set (Alpha/Beta/Unlimited). Old School draft using only original Magic cards you say? Richard Stebbing Richard started playing Magic in the 1990s, first opening packs of Ice Age. He […]

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