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Chiba and Louisville

Lauri Achte has collated the minimal metagame data that WOTC gave out about the Legacy Grand Prix’s which happened recently. The attendance at these events was great as usual and so it still remains a mystery as to why there is no European Legacy GP this year. I hope this is of interest to you and […]

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The Brewery – Eldrazi Stax

I love the card Smokestack. It has such potential. But in Legacy it has never been quite good enough. Vintage has Mishra’s Workshop, so beautiful decks like this Uba Stax list can exist. Without the level of fast mana provided by Workshop and Moxen you can easily die before you can establish proper control of the board […]

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EU Meta Update

It’s time for another roundup of EU Legacy tournaments! GP Prague was a great success with one of the best games of Magic ever on camera in the finals. We also had BoM Strasbourg where your’s truly played terribly on camera to go from 5-0 to 5-3 losing a win and in for Top8, Top […]

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