Category: Legacy

Legacy League with Stax

Decks built around have been rather a fringe player in Legacy and Vintage for a while as the game has gotten more and more efficient. However, this hasn’t stopped people like me consistently trying to make it work! The deck I ran through the league was built originally by Charlie-in-the-Mox who has been jamming something […]

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Grixis Mirror Breaker

Spoiler alert: sadly this isn’t an article about a sweet new control deck, running Legacy power-houses such as , and the /Kiki combo. Instead, I’m looking at the rather more prosaic question of the Grixis Delver mirror match. Apologies for the blatant bait-and-switch! I’ll freely admit to some bias here, but, in my humble opinion, […]

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This article is about the pieces of Magic content, that over the years, have inspired us. It could be for any reason. Nostalgia, great writing, important theory or perhaps it taught us something integral about the game or ourselves. Most of these are about how to approach Magic itself, not just discussions of specific decks or […]

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