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The Effect of Eternal Masters

Eternal Masters (EMA) will be released in June this year. There was some speculation on Reddit as to the existence of the set but most people thought it was unlikely that Wizards would do for Legacy and Vintage what they did for Modern. However, WOTC surprised us all and have consequently set off, not only […]

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Legacy’s Allure Part 2

Part One here Now you’ve decided Legacy is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, but a little part of you is nervous. ‘Legacy is too expensive!‘ you cry. ‘It’s all just turn one kills!‘ a friend explains. ‘I’ll never get on the Pro Tour playing legacy!‘ ‘None of my friends play!‘ […]

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Legacy’s Allure

With the impending release of Eternal Masters, and the mistakes that Wizards of the Coast have inflicted upon Modern over the last year, more and more people are getting interested in Legacy. And rightly so, it’s a great format! The first, and most important reason to play Legacy, is the same as why we play […]

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