Tom Kellock [Editor] – Tom has played Magic since Alara block. He became quickly enamoured with Legacy after being strangled by a Pox and 43 Lands deck in 2011 while piloting Affinity. This experience also started a love of Prison strategies in a manner typical of Stockholm Syndrome sufferers. He now only really plays Legacy, with Top8’s in Europe at BoM and here in the UK.

Francis Cowper – Francis started playing Magic in 2012. His preferred format is Legacy, though with a little persuasion can be convinced to Cube. His most notable finish is 12th place at the 2016 European Eternal Weekend Legacy Championship.

Nicolas Genieis – Nic discovered Magic in 2009, and started playing Legacy shortly after. He has a few good finishes in the UK, in particular with his favorite Infect deck, winning back to back UK Legacy Champs in 2015 and 2016. More recently, he also made the Top 16 at Eternal Weekend EU 2016.

Callum Smith – Callum started playing in Tempest block with a break after Kamigawa (like so many others…) After returning to Magic around Innistrad he quickly moved into Legacy and enjoys the more ‘unique’ decks, such as Nic Fit and Tin Fins. Unfortunately for his opponents he has started playing fair blue decks recently whereupon he recorded his best result making the Top 8 of Eternal Weekend 2017.

Richard Stebbing – Richard started playing Magic in the 1990s, first opening packs of Ice Age. He is a big collector of old and interesting cards and when time permits is a big Eternal Magic and Cube enthusiast. He enjoys decks where you can cast Delver and/or Gush and his most notable finish was top 4 in BoM Annecy’s 2016 Vintage event.

Anders Theisen – Anders is a Legacy enthusiast who Top 8’d the Legacy portion of EU Eternal Weekend 2016 and came 2nd in 2017! He mainly writes about Miracles, and you can find him as Alakazimdk in the mtgo legacy leagues. and @Thiesenmagic

Peter White – Peter is a lover of Legacy, especially durdly tier-three creature decks. On rare occasions, he has been known to flip a Delver of Secrets in a futile effort to maintain positive cash-flow on Magic Online.

Guest Authors – The Library at Pendrell Vale often has Guest Authors who bring a different perspective to Eternal Magic from our more regular writers. If you particularly enjoy their work contact us and we will see if they would like to contribute more often!