Author: Guest Author

The Library at Pendrell Vale often has Guest Authors who bring a different perspective to Eternal Magic from our more regular writers. If you particularly enjoy their work contact us and we will see if they would like to contribute more often!

“Take your time”

Hi guys, my name is Claudio Bonanni. Some of you might know me since I was lucky enough to win the Legacy GP Lille two years ago and just some weeks ago I played in another cool tournament in Italy, the Italian Legacy Championship. This is where all the best players who have reached the […]

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Chiba and Louisville

Lauri Achte has collated the minimal metagame data that WOTC gave out about the Legacy Grand Prix’s which happened recently. The attendance at these events was great as usual and so it still remains a mystery as to why there is no European Legacy GP this year. I hope this is of interest to you and […]

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Oracle Opposition

Hi everyone, my good friend Tom Kellock asked me to write a small article about my recent top 8 with a sweet opposition deck at Bazaar of Moxen Strasbourg Legacy Main Event. I will tell you how to side against most of the decks, what I would change in the decklist and what other possibilities […]

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