Author: Francis Cowper

Francis started playing Magic in 2012. His preferred format is Legacy, though with a little persuasion can be convinced to Cube. His most notable finish is 12th place at the 2016 European Eternal Weekend Legacy Championship.

A Tale of Two GPTs

On Saturday morning I drove to Stroud to meet with the London crew at Atlantic Games for the first GPT of the weekend. A five round event ensued, in which I and my deck of choice (Grixis Delver) did pretty poorly ending the swiss with a 2-3 record after facing Lands twice; not the way […]

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Back to Basics

This weekend, I plan on playing two GPTs for Las Vegas. Each of these GPTs are going to be in the Legacy format, so in the interest of succeeding, I planned on taking along the most powerful deck I’d ever played in a sanctioned tournament, Predict Miracles. I’m sure as everyone knows by now, this […]

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